What is shopping assistance? 

Being able to go shopping, no matter whether it is for food or clothing, is something many of us take for granted. As we grow older, that independence can be taken away if no one is around to assist. 
Shopping assistance is a service for individuals who are able to get out-and-about but may require assistance with transport or holding items. It gives individuals the opportunity to maintain a degree of independence and interact with others. 

Who is shopping assistance for? 

This service is ideally suited to anyone who struggles to go shopping due to one of the following: 
Difficulty getting to and from shops 
Struggle to reach goods 
Find carrying items tiring or difficult 

How does shopping assistance work? 

The first step is to meet with one of our supervisors who is highly experienced and will listen to the requirements of the individual who requires the service. After this, a schedule will be designed to meet the individual’s needs and a friendly carer will be assigned. 

Do you need help with Shopping Assistance? 

Contact one of our team today. We're happy to help! 

Our Homecare Services Include   

Personal Home Care 
Our personal care service is the perfect way to maintain your independence. 
Carer Relief 
Our carer relief service is the perfect way to maintain your independence. 
Night Sitting 
Overnight care support for you or your loved ones. 
Social Care 
Social care helps individuals maintain their independence. 
Maintain independence with our shopping assistance service. 
Domestic Tasks 
Let our team take care of your general household duties. 

Looking for help with costs? 

Find out what funding you may be eligble for 
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