Funding options 

If you live in England, you may be entitled for some funding support from the Government. The threshold after which you will have to pay for your own care in full is £23,250. If your personal assets exceed this threshold, which includes most investments and savings, your local authority will consider you able pay for care yourself. For care within your own home, the value of your property will not be considered. 
If your personal assets have a value of less than £14,250, then you will not have to contribute to the cost of care. If the value of the assets are between £14,250 and £23,250, then you will usually be required to pay £1 for every £250 of assets you own between the lower (£14,250) and upper (£23,250) limits. 

Further information can be accessed from your local benefits office 

Bridlington 01482 396732  Holderness 01482 396532 

West Wolds 01482 396333  Beverley 01482 396940 

Our Homecare Services Include   

Personal Home Care 
Our personal care service is the perfect way to maintain your independence. 
Carer Relief 
Our carer relief service is the perfect way to maintain your independence. 
Night Sitting 
Overnight care support for you or your loved ones. 
Social Care 
Social care helps individuals maintain their independence. 
Maintain independence with our shopping assistance service. 
Domestic Tasks 
Let our team take care of your general household duties. 
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